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My name is Kenneth Gandonou, I am 18 years old and I am a self-taught front-end web app developer. I have created a couple of apps that are currently in the play store. Now I am building website and portfolios. If you have a business idea for a website or an app, even if you want your own portfolio contact me by my email, phone number, and social media info.




The best Tic tac toe app with 3d feature call the 3D tic tac toe. Great game to play with a friend and family

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A great Guessing game where you have to guess a number between a different range of number

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Switch is a touching game where you have to touch every color that is stated in the box before it reaches the bottom

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Black-out is an app that helps you be to connect to every app that I create so far and that I will create

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Just chat

Just chat is an app that allows you to create or join a chat room.

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